New Borg Al Arab Park

New Borg Al -Arab City is Alexandria upcoming business hub.

The city boasts all the necessary modern amenities and services including a diverse selection of commercial and business facilities, national and international schools, an international airport, hotels, residential compounds and health care services.

The hub is attractive to the young population; seeking educational and job opportunities.

Why Borg Al Arab

1. Large Pool of Human Resources

  • Highest percentage of educated people among all second tier cites.
  • annual university graduates.
  • % of the workforce have post graduation degrees.
  • % of the population is working in the industrial sector.
  • Strong & well-known network of national and international schools.
  • national schools.
  • private schools.

2. Strategic Location

  • Alexandria is the country's second-largest city.
  • Embraced by a 32km-long coastline on Mediterranean Sea at Egypt's north.
  • A cultural hub in the region, and led by the imposing Bibliotheca Alexandria.
  • New Borg Al Arab City is a virgin hub for young people from Alexandria studying, working relocating or living in a quite new spot.
  • Most of the economic activities of Alexandria is taking place from Borg Al Arab depending on transformative industries.
  • Connected with an international airport and four ports.

3. Competitive

  • The ability to provide top notch services with very competitive cost.
  • Salaries, wages, Cost of living are less than Cairo with %.

4. Enabled Infrastructure

  • Highly enabled and integrated network of cities roads in addition to:
    • Cairo Alex Road.
    • Alexandria North Coast.
    • The Army Road.
    • The International Road.
  • Availability of residential districts and compounds and 3-5 stars Hotels and Motels.
  • Major Ports are vital in exporting the city products.
  • New rail line connecting Borg Al-Arab to Alexandria.
  • International Airport supporting tourism and business.

5. Innovative environment

    Distinguished Universities :
  • Alexandria University, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Pharos & E- Just.
  • Rich startups environment with around small business with 5 employee and less.
  • SRTA City for Scientific research and applications providing a key pillar for innovation in Technology and ICT.

Buildings Types (Phase I – Buildings)

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