New Assiut Park

About Assiut

New Assiut City is the extension of the largest town of Upper Egypt and lies about miles south of Cairo.

It is the aspiration for better living condition with the new planning for housing & amenities. In addition, the strong ambition of its natural base for a distinguished talent in Upper Egypt.

Why Assiut

1. Large Pool of Human Resources

  • The population in Assiut is 3.95m that equals % of the total population of Egypt.
  • annual graduates.
  • available talent pool.
  • % of the population is 15-59 years.
  • Over % of students have the capacity to provide technology and business services.

2. Strategic Location

  • Upper Egypt is set to become the next technology hub in Egypt.
  • New Assiut City is the aspiration for young people from Upper Egypt for better life conditions.

3. Competitive

  • All services will be offered at high competitive levels compared global markets.
  • Salaries, wages, Cost of living are less than Cairo with 30 %.

4. Enabled Infrastructure

  • Highly enabled and integrated network of roads.
  • Availability of residential districts and compounds and 3-5 stars Hotels and Motels.
  • International Airport supporting tourism and business 35 Km away from the main city.

5. Innovative environment

Distinguished Universities:
  • Assiut University was established in October 1957 as the first university in Upper Egypt.
  • The university includes 16 faculties and 3 institutes.
  • There are two institutes providing technical education in addition to the faculty of engineering and the faculty of computer science at Assiut University.
  • Scientist from Assiut : Magdy Yacoub.

Assiut Layouts (206,000 m2)

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