We Do it Smart


  • Complete power backup solution to ensure redundancy of services including:
    • Independent feeders.
    • Complete redundancy two power station.
    • Generator back-up.
    • UPS for public areas.
    • Lighting automation systems with built in batteries , motion & lumen detection.
  • Solar energy generation systems to provide power supply for the parks.
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) that automatically controls the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for all the buildings and offers numerous benefits for the tenants.

Reliable Infrastructure

  • A built-in network of fiber connectivity for each building with two exchanges to secure redundancy.
  • Advanced internet and broadband services: landlines, ISDN, wireless CDMA – GSM.
  • Underground network of internal routes connecting all buildings (without cables).
  • All buildings are designed with the following facilities:
    • A network of internal routes that easily connect different zones and different floors.
    • A telecommunication control room for Telecom Egypt.
    • Data center room in each building to be used by the tenants.
    • Stations for strengthening mobile connectivity.


Plug & Play

We offer a plug and Play automated office spaces:
  • Well controlled and comfortable internal conditions.
  • Possibility of individual room control.
  • Economical and efficient maintenance.
  • Individual tenant billing for services.
  • Central or remote control and monitoring of building.
  • Increased level of comfort and efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring (such as AHU's, Fire pumps, plumbing pumps, Electrical supply).

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